Now located in San Francisco's Levi Plaza, Ellie Bauman and Company is a treasure to be found amongst the corporate offices.  Ellie Bauman and Company, previously known as The Wedding Shoppe, was located in Greenbrae, CA for over 18 years.  Once the store moved, 

Our Story


Ellie Bauman, owner of Ellie Bauman and Co./The Wedding Shoppe, is a mother of five children.  She grew up in her father's grocery store at a young age, and always had an aspiration to be an entrepreneur.  Her father owned a small stationery shop in Fairfax, CA where she learned to press invitations as well as personalize napkins and ribbon for special occasions.  Ellie bought the Wedding Shoppe in ___, and was successful in Marin County for many years.  She moved the business to the city due to how she believed there was a need for a brick and mortar business like her own.  Still to this day, Ellie loves welcoming customer's and helping them for whatever the occasion is! 


Ellie Bauman

Ellie isn't just a regular mom, but she's a cool mom and "Mimi" of four grandkids.  Ellie is pictured left holding Stella Jayne at the Marin County farmers market.  


Brittany Bauman grew up in The Wedding Shoppe, and ever since has developed a passion for entrepreneurship and design.  She always hoped to one day follow her mom's footsteps.  After Brittany graduated from Gonzaga University May of 2017, she came home to bring a little more of her vision to the store.  Brittany's youthful twist brings some of the best merchandise that one can't find anywhere else.  She prides herself on finding small companies to grow with, whether it be greeting card, purse, or fragrance companies.  The merchandise Brittany picks out appeals to a sophisticated young adult, but also to any with incredibly good taste.  


Brittany Bauman

Brittany always likes to stay on trend, and keeps up with the latest "must seen" places.  Brittany is pictured to the right at the Museum of Color, SF.


Chief Barking Officer

When you walk into Ellie Bauman and Co. you may be greeted by our CBO, Tuna.  Most of the time Tuna is sleeping next to Brittany, but if you're lucky she may give you a little "wiggle dance"!